OneLife provides a comprehensive approach to wellness, incorporating stress management, movement, proper eating and understanding yourself and your relationship with food.


Weight loss is just the first step toward wellness.



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Are you ready to lose weight? Do you need help planning your diet?


Eating healthy and exercising is one of the keys to longevity; OneLife can help you achieve that. Located in Saint Louis, Missouri, we serve clients throughout all of the surrounding areas, providing coaching, advice, support and a customized diet plan, so you can eat healthier and feel great.


We’ll help you make healthier decisions, so you can start on your journey to weight loss and reach your lifestyle and wellness goals!


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“Our mission is to empower you to lose weight and become healthy in mind, body and spirit so we can together make a positive difference in our world.”

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Weight Loss Programs

OneLife has designed 3 key weight loss programs that will put you on the road to looking, feeling, and being your best self. Success, here you come!

Why HCG?

Learn more from our wellness practitioners how HCG will help you reach your weight loss goals and why we stand behind it.

Success Stories

The butterfly you were born to be! Success is possible. Angie shares her story to inspire you to start your journey towards wellness.

Why Get Drops Through OneLife


We know there are many HCG diet providers and we pride ourselves not only on the quality of HCG we administer, but level of customer service and care we offer every single client who participates in our weight loss programs. Our professional-grade homeopathic drops are made in the US and manufactured in an A-rated, FDA-approved and registered facility.

Ready to Lose Those Last, Stubborn 5 lbs?


We have just the thing.


Our professional-grade homeopathic HCG drops will help you feel great while reaching your goal quickly.


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